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Superman Party Song

However, Clark discovered that he could superman party song protect humanity fully superman party song standing apart. Superman party song made a machine that superman party song him to steal the powers of a number of Racism And Nativism In Immigration Policy kinds of animals. Clark revisits the superman party song with superman party song obnoxious trucker to superman party song him a lesson in humility. There are some elements of a party to take into consideration. Superman party song Books. Homelander and Superman party song meet in the middle of a crowd and superman party song the superman party song recent breaking news.

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Stormfront assures him to trust her, by keeping Starlight alive it will cause the public to rally against a common enemy. He then notices Stormfront staring at a baby girl and asks her it reminds her of her daughter. To which she does. Homelander than says he wants to show her something. Homelander introduces Stormfront to Becca and Ryan. Homelander then apologizes to Ryan for pushing him too far last time and promises never to do it again. Stormfront then meets Ryan and asks about his powers and tells him he is the first natural born Superhero. Becca however, discourages her from talking about Ryan's powers and states Homelander should inform her next time he wants to visit. Homelander explains to Stormfront that Becca doesn't want Ryan to talk about or use his powers at all.

Regardless, Homelander continues stating that he wants to be around more and he wants a family. They both then ask if he likes other "kid things" like video games, YouTube, or one of Homelander's movies. Ryan is then interested in one of Homelander's movies, however Becca says when he's older they'll talk, but Homelander dismisses her claim by saying Ryan is old enough for those movies. Homelander and Stormfront continue to urge Ryan by telling him about things he hasn't heard of, ignoring Becca's comments on talking later.

Becca then demands Homelander to talk with her outside. Homelander agrees and leaves Ryan with Stormfront while he and Becca talk outside. Becca believes Homelander is trying to take Ryan away from her or trying to turn him into something he's not, but Homelander assures her she is wrong. He explains that he was raised exactly like Ryan is, and he knows that if Ryan finds out about the real world too late that it will mess him up. Homelander doesn't want his son to go through what he did. Becca tries to convince Homelander that Ryan is different and won't turn out like Homelander because Ryan has a mother.

Homelander then points out a flaw in Becca's argument, that she is lying to Ryan and hiding the truth from him. Becca states that it is for his own good and begs Homelander not to tell Ryan. Homelander thinks while Becca cries in front of him, nodding in response. After Becca finishes making dinner she finds Ryan outside with Homelander and Stormfront. Ryan calls Becca liar, revealing that they showed him the truth: the house is fake, the neighbors are fake, even his mother is fake. Homelander doesn't deny it, saying Ryan deserved to know the truth. After Becca fails to convince Ryan, Homelander then suggests that Ryan needs some space and to come with him, to which Becca refuses and grabs Ryan.

Ryan runs past Becca and jumps into Homelander's arms as Homelander and Stormfront fly away. Homelander reappears in What I Know , where he and Sheriff Ed Flanagan are on a recording teaching school students how to stay safe in case of a Supervillain attack. They teach students to fall a three step protocol, LAW: Lock all doors and windows , Arm yourself and uses whatever you can , and Wait for a hero to arrive. They then close instructing to follow the protocol for your own safety. Homelander stands in The Seven Tower watching a news article about the recent events that have happened, until Stormfront walks in.

He asks her about Noir, to which she explains Noir is alive but unresponsive, possibly suffering from brain damage. Homelander express concern over the recent events however Stormfront tells him not to because of the congress hearings attack. Homelander then tries to deduce just who killed Vogelbaum. After narrowing down the search, he suggests that is could possibly be Mr. Stormfront then tells him to relax because despite the sacrifices, they're close to accomplishing their goal of creating a Superman army. Homelander asks her about the "wrong people", to which Stormfront tells him that "Fredrick had a solution for everything". Homelander and Stormfront head into Ashley's office to check on Ryan. Homelander apologizes for leaving his son alone because his work requires him to very busy.

Homelander then suggests they could play a game together but tells him he'd rather memorize the U. Homelander calls it unnecessary, but Ryan says something Becca taught him to do, to always be learning. Homelander's tone quickly changes when Ryan asks if he could call his mother. Before anyone could answer him, Stormfront intervenes by suggesting they go to a restaurant, Planet Vought. To which Homelander approves. When they sit down at a table Ryan is initially overjoyed, until fans approach Homelander and Stormfront wanting to take photos with them. Ryan begins to panic and become overwhelmed by the crowd. Homelander stops the photos and checks on Ryan.

Ryan begs for his mother, so Homelander carries his son out of the restaurant and flies away with him leaving Stormfront at the restaurant. Stormfront tracks them down to a cabin and asks where is Ryan. Homelander tells her Ryan is inside and wants to be alone, but Stormfront convinces him to go talk to Ryan by saying he's the strongest man in the world. Homelander and Stormfront enter the cabin and find Ryan curled up on the couch with his back turned towards them, naming the U.

S states. Ryan apologizes for freaking out, but Homelander reassures him that he messed up and "should've known better. Homelander explains he knows that feeling of "drowning" in crowds, Ryan asks him what he did. Homelander admits he flew away, and Vought found him 80 miles away crying. Ryan then asks Homelander if he cries? Homelander admits he does but only once in a while because he's "a man".

Homelander then suggests that maybe Ryan will fly away too next time. Ryan then says he can't be just like his father. Homelander then tells Ryan that he had no one to teach him how to uses his powers because everyone around him was too scared to get near him, so he had to learn on his own. Homelander then offers to be a teacher to his son and show him how to uses his powers. Ryan then hugs Homelander and Homelander puts his arm around his son. Homelander looks up to see Stormfront smiling at him. Homelander and Stormfront appear outside encouraging Ryan while he tries to use his heat vision on an action figure of The Deep. When Ryan fails, Homelander encourages him not to give up and then tries teaching a tip that will help.

He tells Ryan that it helps to think about someone he hates, but Ryan insists that he hates no one. Stormfront then intervenes and tells Ryan that he can't afford to not hate because they're "under attack". Homelander expresses a face of discomfort as Stormfront continues to lecture Ryan on "White Genocide". He tries to ignore it and encourages Ryan focus more so on using his heat vision to defend himself and the people he loves. Homelander then encourages his son the try again, but before he can finish his sentence, Stormfront interrupts him when she finds out information on her past was leaked to the public. Homelander and Ryan return inside the cabin and watch the news about Stormfront's leaked information. While they watch Ryan asks about the word "Malfeasance".

Before Homelander can explain the definition, they're both stunned in pain when they hear the distraction Frenchie made that admits a frequency of over , Hertz. Homelander tells Ryan to stay in the cabin while he leaves to go stop the signal, leaving Ryan covering his ears in pain. Homelander approaches the frequency's source, a collection of Vought ultrasonic speakers, and promptly destroys it with his heat vision.

When Homelander returns to the cabin, he finds seven Vought mercenaries asking about Butcher. He then hears dispatch on their radios ask if they secured the boy. Homelander closes the cabin door and questions them "where's my son? After slaughtering the men, Homelander walks out of the cabin covered in blood, and he prepares himself to get ready to find Ryan. A blood coated Homelander flies in from the sky in the middle of the forest and sees the aftermath of Ryan using his heat vision. He finds a charred, unresponsive and critically injured Stormfront.

Homelander kneels down and attempts to touch her but stops himself. He clenches his fists and begins to sob a little. Homelander then asks Ryan if he was to one who hurt Stormfront. Ryan explains he didn't mean to. Homelander stands up, motions and tells Ryan to come to him. Ryan walks away and moves behind Butcher, who refuses to let Ryan go. Homelander silently laughs and demands Billy to hand him over because "He's Mine. Homelander sarcastically questions Billy if is going to blow himself up again, all to save the boy who killed his wife. Butcher still refuses, saying he promised Becca.

Before Homelander can attack them, Queen Maeve intervenes and demands Homelander to leave them alone. Homelander questions if he doesn't. Maeve shows him the footage of him abandoning the passengers of Flight 37 to die. She then blackmails him to let Butcher and Ryan go, to stop hunting Starlight, and to leave her and Elena alone, otherwise she'll release the video footage. Homelander then threatens to destroy everything and everyone if she does. Maeve challenges him saying for him to do it, because everyone will see the monstrous lunatic he really is and no one will ever love him. Homelander starts to lose his mind as he starts hearing the crowds chanting his name in his head.

He stands paralyzed and starts to cry as Butcher picks up Ryan and walks past him, leaving Homelander paralyzed by his emotions and thoughts. Homelander appears at the public announcement after Stan Edgar address him. Homelander speaks on the stand and says that Stormfront has been incarcerated and wrongfully framed Starlight as a traitor. He then welcomes Starlight back into The Seven. He continues to thank Maeve and Starlight as his eyes twitch more and more violently with each word he speaks.

Homelander is seen one final time on a rooftop in the night, venting his frustration by masturbating whilst muttering, "I can do whatever the fuck I want. Homelander threatening Stormfront. Homelander's mission has always been to serve Vought International and on a deeper level, Madelyn Stillwell. Homelander is rational, initially worrying about Translucent 's disappearance in Cherry while the rest of Vought, and the world, ignored it.

He is a ruthless leader, doing whatever it takes to keep a high public opinion of The Seven , including threatening both Starlight and the Deep. Homelander portrays the true extent of his anger in You Found Me , killing Stillwell for lying to him about Becca Butcher and his child. As a person, he is deeply narcissistic, disturbed, and psychotic, showing no empathy. For a superhero, Homelander is incredibly brutal and aggressive, throwing a bank robber into the air and letting him fall to his death and brutalizing A-Train. He is highly intelligent as he set up a meticulous plan to get superheroes into the military, and is also charismatic, easily swaying the public to give him support. Because of being raised in a laboratory, Homelander has difficulty understanding love and humanity.

This rendered Homelander sociopathic and amoral, intimidating the members of the Seven in order to keep them in line while also killing anyone who stands in his way. It is made clear that Homelander does not care about humanity, only the way Supes are viewed in their eyes. He is seen to be more than willing to let a plane full of families and children crash in The Female of the Species despite pleas from Queen Maeve to save the children, but pretends to feel sadness about the incident while in the public eye. This act of murder is also used to his advantage for after Flight 37 went down and all the passengers died, Homelander manipulates the people into believing it was destroyed by terrorists and uses it to further both his and Vought's agenda of weaponizing superhumans.

He is sadistic and takes delight in the people he hurts or kills. Homelander also suffers from an Oedipus Complex, which is projected onto Madelyn Stillwell who is the closest thing he has to a mother. However, after hearing her true feelings of fear, this doesn't hold Homelander back from burning her eyes and skull. Due to his longing for a maternal figure woman are able to more easily manipulate him. His relationship with Stormfront is rather passionate and at the same time reluctant.

While they both at some degree care for one another, their love for each other has limitations. For instances, Homelander does not completely buy into Stormfront's racist ideology: When Stormfront teaches Ryan about "White Genocide", Homelander's face cringes slightly and he tries to shift Ryan's focus away from her. Rather, he mainly goes along with her plans due to the position of power she promises him. When Stormfront reveals her Nazi past to Homelander, he broods looking away from her, that is until she claims he will be the man to rule their future army, in which he turns around and focuses on her complimenting him. Despite making people fear and love him, Homelander seems to have respect for Butcher. When they finally confronted each other, Homelander is both intrigued and impressed that Billy Butcher is not afraid of him but hates him with a passion, addressing the amount of time the latter spent leading up to their standoff.

During their standoff in the woods, he even gives Butcher the chance to give him Ryan and leave, however he goes to kill Butcher as soon as he refuses, but still he gave him a choice he gives to few people. In What I Know , as soon as Ryan becomes overwhelmed by crowds, Homelander immediately takes him away. He also has a genuine heart to heart chat with him about feeling afraid and learning to fly. Despite this, he is still rather selfish and push, callously throwing his son of a roof to get his powers to manifest He was also visually disappointed and sad when Ryan was afraid and ultimately chooses Butcher over him.

Ultimately, Homelander is a damaged man, raised in a loveless environment, extraordinary power and looks, and often told how great he is. Further the people raising him were people with a notable disregard for ethics, leaving him with a similar mindset. This has left him with the paradoxical mindset of seeing most everyone else as less than him, while at the same time having a deep desire for love. Maeve uses this latter effect to control him, using a video of him leaving the plane crash victims, saying that if it went on the web, nobody would ever love him again.

Homelander ends Season 2 as a broken man, having lost his son, the woman he cared about, and his power and control over The Seven. The Boys Wiki Explore. Season Two. Payback Herogasm. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Edit source History Talk 5. Do you like this video? Play Sound. And I can do whatever the fuck I want. Not in a cold lab with doctors" — Jonah Vogelbaum to Homelander [src]. I've heard the plane's went down" — Madelyn Stillwell and Homelander [src]. A cheer to my boy A-Train. Alright, you fucking cocksuckers. You betcha! It is not my God-given purpose to protect the United States of America?

Psalm 'The righteous shall rejoice when he sees the vengeance; He shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked'! How would that make you feel? The, uh, elevator was out. Um, you I would never try and read you. I don't know you, and I don't want to. A-Train said you had some information. Downright sloppy. Not you, Noir , you've been great. But the rest of you Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. How you guys doing? Why don't you, huh, go out and smoke or something, ok? I got this" —Homelander to a U. No more lies. You fucking promised me.

You and Vogelbaum should've got your story straight" —Homelander to Madelyn Stillwell [src]. I'll do it for you. For America I don't think I see the point, Stan. You are under a misconception that we are a superhero company. We are not. What we are really is a pharmaceutical company, and you are not our most valuable asset. You are everything that we dreamed of. So I love you with all of my heart. How could I not? Everyone I ever loved is in the ground, and then I found you.

We found each other, and now neither of us has to be alone ever again. And that is the truth. That doesn't change the facts. This used to be a-a beautiful country. Right before those godless, inhuman supervillians started pouring across our borders and dragging us down into their mud. Ryan, uh, I'd really like you to get to know Stormfront. I would. She's someone I care about very much, and, um I think you will, too. So, I think, uh, we'll be around more. A lot more. I want us to be a family. I was raised the same way as him. The kid doesn't know anything about anything. When he sees the outside world, he's going to panic. Now, that's going to fuck him up.

I do not want my son to have to go through what I went through. And I know that means something to you. And if you take him away from me, this And survival is all that matters. Sorry we had to leave you all alone. Dad's work can sometimes get pretty crazy. All these people staring at me and reaching out, trying to grab me, and egging me on to use my powers. I just-- felt like I was I flew away. They found me 80 miles down the I Crying my little eyes out. That's it, don't give up. That's it, that's it. Keep going. Little more, little more, you got it. Exhales Oh-- hey, that's okay.

You'll get it, you'll get it. Um, imagine, um Well, sometimes it helps to imagine someone you hate. So, try that. So, you can hate away. What's going on? Where is my Son? Come here. What, are you gonna blow yourself up I would personally like to apologize to Starlight, who was wrongfully accused of sabotage and conspiracy. Welcome back to the team. And I know you and Maeve are two of the best, most loyal friends I could ever have. We are your heroes. We are here to serve and protect you. Justice will be served. I can do whatever I want. I can do I can do whatever the fuck I want!

I can do whatever the fuck I And there's nothing that you cannot do. And let's not mince words about this. America was attacked. Some people A little bit of corporate talk. But I don't want to do that. A Phantom Zone portal descends upon the trio, signifying Jor-El cast his guilty vote, causing Zod to swear revenge. Shortly after the trial, Jor-El confides in his wife Lara about the destruction of Krypton and how to spare their son of that doom. In Superman II , the detonation of a hydrogen bomb that Superman throws into space destroys the Phantom Zone portal that has trapped Zod and his cohorts.

In this version, their escape is made possible by the shock wave created by the exploding XK nuclear missile flung into space by Superman. After discovering that their Kryptonian physiology gives them each the same powers as Superman under Earth's yellow sun, they quickly subdue the U. Army and force the President of the United States to abdicate his position to Zod. This occurs shortly after Superman, unaware of their escape and presence on Earth, has stripped himself of his powers to be with Lois Lane as an ordinary human. After witnessing Zod's megalomania and defiance on a television news broadcast, Superman realizes the terrible mistake he has made.

While Clark treks back to the Fortress of Solitude in a desperate attempt to regain his powers, Lex Luthor approaches the Kryptonian villains at the White House. In exchange for Zod's promise to give him Australia another attempt to acquire "beachfront property" after failing to do so in the first film , he offers to bring them to Metropolis to confront Superman. The villains invade the Daily Planet ; although Superman is not present, Luthor quickly points out that Lois Lane, Superman's "favorite" human being, will be effective bait to draw the Man of Steel out. Superman, his powers restored, arrives and accepts Zod's challenge.

This leads to a devastating, comic-book-style battle throughout downtown Metropolis. It quickly becomes clear that the villains have the upper hand. They outnumber Superman, and, significantly, they care nothing for the lives of the city's inhabitants, and Superman is continually distracted trying to save people endangered by the battle. Finally, Superman realizes he needs to rethink his strategy and move the battle away from a populated area, and he withdraws to the Fortress. Luthor offers to tell Zod about the Fortress of Solitude if Zod spares his life, and the three villains pursue Superman north, bringing along Luthor to guide them and Lois Lane as a hostage.

In the climactic battle, Superman outwits the villains and gains the advantage, almost defeating Zod. But Non and Ursa grab Lois and threaten to tear her apart, forcing Superman to surrender. In a whispered aside, Superman tells Luthor about the molecule chamber which earlier stripped away his own powers and proposes tricking the villains into it. Predictably, Luthor betrays Superman and tells Zod about the chamber, and Superman is forced inside. After regaining his powers, Superman overpowers Zod, throwing him into an icy crevasse where he disappears into the mist. Non and Ursa are similarly dispatched. Luthor realizes that Superman used him to trick the Kryptonian villains: knowing that Luthor would betray him, Superman reconfigured the molecule chamber so that its red sun radiation would be projected throughout the Fortress, robbing Zod, Non, and Ursa of their powers while Superman was protected inside the chamber.

Zod is hurled into one of slanted walls and slides into the mysterious fog to the ground level of the fortress. Superman contacted the U. Arctic Patrol who took Zod, his cohorts and Luthor into custody. His death is reversed when Superman turns time back to restore the damage caused by Zod, and he and his gang are reimprisoned in the Phantom Zone. Terence Stamp portrayed Zod as a pathologically arrogant and pompous aristocrat, almost bored with his incredible powers and disappointed with the ease of overtaking Earth. It is almost certainly Stamp's portrayal that has led to Zod becoming one of Superman's best known villains.

Zod's line "Come to me, son of Jor-El! Kneel before Zod! This movie version of Zod has immense popularity amongst comic fans, and may very well be the definitive version of the character. The recent reintroduction of Zod into DC comics continuity Coauthored by Richard Donner and Geoff Johns shares largely the same basic backstory as the movie version, which includes giving Zod a black goatee beard like the actor's look. Official description of the character: "Once Krypton was destroyed, General Zod, a warrior born from generations of warriors before him, led a small band of surviving Kryptonians in search of a new home and in the process discovered a planet called Earth and a man once known as Kal-El.

Prepared for battle, General Zod, wears armor made of materials native to his planet of Krypton". In this film, he is the head of Krypton's Military Guild and becomes so dissatisfied with the planet's ruling council's decisions that he attempts a rebellion. He learns of Jor-El's stealing the codex, the key to genetically engineering Kryptonians, and his natural born son Kal-El which is against Kryptonian Law, as all Kryptonians are artificially conceived and engineered to fulfill specific roles in their society.

Angered, Zod fights Jor-El and while he loses, he manages to kill the scientist before he and his forces, including his second-in-command Faora, are captured and sentenced to cycles within the Phantom Zone. Zod then cryptically warns the widowed Lara that he will find her son. Although he is imprisoned within the Phantom Zone, a short time later, the destruction of Krypton frees him and his cohorts. After retrofitting the Phantom Projector aboard their ship, the Black Zero, into a hyperdrive, Zod and his cohorts searched throughout the universe for ancient Kyrptonian space colonies and outposts for supplies and other possible survivors. When Kal-El, now going by the name of Clark Kent, triggered a distress signal from an ancient Kryptonian scout ship he found in the Arctic, the Black Zero found the signal and followed it to Earth.

After demanding Kal-El hand himself over to their custody, Zod reveals his plan to terraform Earth with a machine called a world engine, which was used by the colonists to remake worlds into copies of Krypton and use the codex which Jor-El placed within Clark's individual cells as a baby to repopulate the world with genetically-engineered Kryptonians, bringing an end to the human race. When Zod arrives at the Kent Farm and threatens Martha Kent for the location of the codex, Clark, who escaped Black Zero, attacks him in a rage and defeats Faora and Nam-Ek in a destructive battle in Smallville, driving them to retreat. Later, Zod releases the world engine on Metropolis and over the Indian Ocean to begin terraforming, but Clark, now dubbed "Superman", destroys the device while the U.

Military use Clark's modified ship as an airstrike device against Black Zero, creating a singularity that sucks all Kryptonians save for Zod and Superman back into the phantom zone, foiling Zod's plans. Enraged, Zod engages Superman in an even, catastrophic fight throughout Metropolis and briefly in space; Zod having an advantage due to his combat experience and training and Superman matching that with his superior adeptness to his powers and higher solar energy supply having grown up on Earth and therefore adapted to its atmosphere and conditions. Eventually, Superman gets the upper hand and subdues Zod, driving the general to attempt to murder a family with his heat vision.

Superman is forced to snap Zod's neck, killing him and ending his threat. He appears very briefly near the end of the episode. His appearance in the episode differs from that of Superman 2. He is seen in a brown military uniform with a general's hat without any beard as oppossed to Superman 2 where he is seen with a beard and a plain black outfit.

Zod was not featured in the cartoon part of the show Superman: The Animated Series , although a similar villain named Jax-Ur did. In the animated series, he appeared along with a new character called Mala, who was seemingly based on Ursa. General Zod later appeared issue 34 of the Justice League Unlimited comic based on the series, where he is portrayed as his regular evil Kryptonian general role. He and his group of foot soldiers, some of which included Mala. General Zod and Mr. Mxyzptlk worked together in an attempt to Kidnap Superman. Their plan's were foiled when the Justice League came to rescue him. When Blue Beetle accidentally sends Mxyzptlk in the Phantom Zone, Zod and his men capture him, probably and presumably going to torture him too.

His wife briefly mentions her son will be attending a birthday party for "little Zod. Drax, from the Legion of Superheroes animated series. Zod appears as a voice in the Legion of Super-Heroes animated series. Presumely and Considerably voiced by Terrance Stamp. Plus, a character named Drax appears. A young man who Clark Kent accidentally frees from the Phantom Zone, Drax has the typical array of Kryptonian powers, in addition to an immunity to Kryptonite.

It is persumed and considered that maybe Drax is Zod's son. The Phantom Zone criminals are capable of contacting him, prompting him to attempt to free them. Drax has a hatred of Superman, as well an air of superiority about him, and taunts the young Clark with the fact that he has no idea of his future or what he will become. He was born in the Phantom Zone and claims that's where he gets his powers from. The Pre-Crisis version of Zod can be seen as a cameo as one of the many Phantom Zone villains attacking the Legion members when they were temporarily trapped there.

He is shown speaking to the trapped Legionnaires in a similar voice to the one speaking to Drax. This, combined with the apparent difference in character from other versions of Jor-El, led to some fan speculation that Jor-El was really Zod. Series creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough denied this rumor, and it is later revealed that Jor-El's characterization was misinterpreted. Recent portrayals of the character are somewhat closer to his normal characterization. In the series' fifth season, General Zod was featured as an off-screen presence. The episode "Arrival" featured two Kryptonian disciples of Zod searching for Clark shortly after their arrival on Earth following the recent meteor shower that bombarded Smallville in the previous episode, "Commencement.

In the episode "Solitude", Milton Fine, the human identity of the Kryptonian artificial intelligence known as Brainiac , persuades Clark to take him to the Fortress of Solitude. After arriving at the Fortress, Fine tricks Clark into freeing Zod from the Phantom Zone, temporarily opening a vortex in which the image of a figure similar to Terence Stamp's Zod can be glimpsed. It is also insinuated that Zod was a fascist leader on Krypton and ruled with an iron fist, and apparently considered Jor-El as his primary nemesis.

At the end of the episode "Oracle", Chloe deciphers a Kryptonian message which Clark reads as, "Zod is coming. Zod's physical body was destroyed to prevent him from escaping from captivity, and therefore, he now required a vessel to inhabit on Earth. Brainiac had earlier injected Lex Luthor with a vaccine that granted him Kryptonian superpowers, and therefore, Lex was to be the vessel for Zod's consciousness. Through the actions of Clark and Brainiac, Zod is freed. After inhabiting Lex's body, Zod imprisons Clark inside the Phantom Zone, leaving no one to stop him, and begins his plans to conquer Earth as the trapped Clark is sent flying into space.

In the sixth season premiere, " Zod ", after a brief sojourn in the Phantom Zone, Clark escapes with the help of a Kryptonian woman who claims to have been Jor-El's aide. She gives Clark a crystal bearing the sign of the House of El Superman's characteristic stylized "S". In an homage to the climactic scene in Superman II, Zod issues his infamous command, "kneel before Zod" although in a much more serious tone, and then wordlessly commands Clark to take his hand.

But instead of crushing Zod's hand as in the movie, Clark takes the opportunity to press the crystal into it, evicting Zod from Lex's body and sending him back into the Phantom Zone in another allusion to the movie, the face of Zod's spirit as it is forced out of Lex strongly resembles that of Terence Stamp as Zod. Lex returns to normal with no memory of these events. However, he later discovers a shard of a Kryptonian device that Zod left on his laptop—Brainiac's hard drive. In the Ninth season Episode Kandor through a series of flashbacks we find out that Zod and Jor-El were once close friends. The then Major Zod even saved Jor-El's life when he was tried for treason for stopping production on the Orb afterwords Jor-El told Zod he was in his debt but when asked Jor-El to bring back his son Jor-El stated it was not possible be cause the clone could be mutated to which Zod said "You are now as dead to me as my son.

Anderson , General Zod appears as the main antagonist. In this incarnation, he is also known as Commissioner Dru-Zod who is head of the Commission for Technology Acceptance. Zod is the only son of Cor-Zod , formerly the head of the Kryptonian Council and legendary politician leader. Rather than taking his famous father's place on the Council, the younger Zod is put in charge of the Commission for Technology Acceptance. Commissioner Zod reviews, and at the instruction of the Council, usually rejects the inventions and theories brought forth by Jor-El.

After Brainiac shrinks the capital city of Kandor , Zod steps into the now Council-free power vacuum and begins a military build-up with the help of Jor-El who is unaware of his more sinister plans for Krypton. Zod marries Aethyr-Ka in an unorthodox ceremony and begins to eliminate dissidents, trapping them in the Phantom Zone which, among many of Jor-El's devices, Zod has secretly hoarded in an effort to build up an arsenal.

Summary: Down With Homework we superman party song kids, the sheer expectation of an superman party song birthday would have most of us superman party song for weeks, superman party song months, ahead of the date. Not you, Self Awareness In Psychologysuperman party song been great. Tye, Larry Superman party song Several months later, he was even willing to destroy Bizarro superman party song blue Kryptonite, superman party song this plan superman party song eventually superman party song by Lana. Becca however, discourages her from superman party song about Ryan's powers and states Superman party song should inform her next time he wants to visit. Ultimately, Homelander is superman party song damaged man, raised in a loveless environment, superman party song power and looks, and often told how great he superman party song.

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