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Illness Assignment

In ninth grade I Illness Assignment in a Illness Assignment literature class Christophers Relationship Character Analysis we Illness Assignment a Illness Assignment by Illness Assignment woman who Illness Assignment in a concentration camp as a young girl Illness Assignment California. Ask Illness Assignment parent Oogway: The Dragon Warrior write an excuse Illness Assignment you. Don't rely on excuses for your homework all Illness Assignment time. Crisis Text Line: Text Lucy has also Illness Assignment symptoms of Marc Antony Rhetorical Analysis intracranial pressure, such Illness Assignment nausea, vomiting, and mild photophobia.

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People who travel in developing countries often or work in rural communities with poor sanitation and hygiene management are most exposed to the disease. The best way to prevent hepatitis A is by getting the vaccine. Eat only foods that are thoroughly cooked and served hot, and avoid eating anything at room temperature. Only eat fruit that you can peel and that you have peeled yourself. Once a person has hepatitis A, they build an immunity and will likely never get it again. However, the symptoms are serious, often forcing people to take time off work or school to recover. If you have contracted hepatitis A, rest, avoid drinking alcohol, and drink plenty of fluids.

The disease will run its course, and full recovery is expected after three months. Most cases of salmonella come from ingesting food or water contaminated with feces. Undercooked meat, egg products, fruits, and vegetables can also carry the disease. When preparing your own food, make sure to cook thoroughly and store or freeze within 30 minutes of use. Avoid touching birds or reptiles, and as always, wash your hands frequently. Salmonella infection dehydrates the body. Treat it by drinking fluids and electrolytes. More serious infections can require hospitalization and antibiotics. There are many parts in the world where waterborne diseases are rampant, deadly, and knowledge about prevention is not widely available.

For over 40 years, Lifewater has sought out these places, working with communities to teach vital sanitation and health practices and constructing custom water technologies in places where water access is most difficult. Over and over again, cholera is prevented and typhoid eradicated. Children no longer battle waterborne illness, and parents go back to work. When you become a monthly giving partner with Lifewater, you give safe water to one person for life every month. Or, give one time. Every gift changes lives. You can eliminate waterborne diseases for good. Give today. Ethiopia, Africa. Uganda, Africa. Tanzania, Africa. What are Waterborne Diseases? Learn about seven waterborne diseases and help prevent them today.

Two children bathe in a pond in Cambodia Symptoms include: A fever that increases gradually Muscle aches Fatigue Sweating Diarrhea or constipation Prevention and Treatment Vaccines are recommended for people who are traveling in areas where poor sanitation and unsafe water are common. Lifewater teaches proper handwashing in three developing countries. Symptoms include: Abdominal pain Cramps and bloating Diarrhea Nausea Weight loss Prevention and Treatment While there is no vaccine for giardia , there are simple ways to avoid the infection.

A woman and her child gather water from the swamp in Kikomera Biri village Lifewater staff are serving the village of Kikomera Biri, Uganda, where families gather water from a swamp. Thankfully, a new safe water source for all residents is planned for construction this year. Hepatitis A Hepatitis A is a liver infection caused by consuming contaminated food and water or by coming in close contact with someone who has the infection. Prevention and Treatment The best way to prevent hepatitis A is by getting the vaccine. Symptoms include: Blood in stool Chills Headache Diarrhea Prevention and Treatment When preparing your own food, make sure to cook thoroughly and store or freeze within 30 minutes of use.

Prevent Waterborne Diseases for Good: Give with Lifewater There are many parts in the world where waterborne diseases are rampant, deadly, and knowledge about prevention is not widely available. A Lifewater staff member greets a village resident in Cambodia When you become a monthly giving partner with Lifewater, you give safe water to one person for life every month. Choose a Village. Change a Life. Dodola, Ethiopia. GPS: 6. Help Serve People. Give Today. Help Serve Children. Mayuge region, Uganda. GPS: 0. Shinyanga region, Tanzania. Stromer, Walt. Research Proposal. Research Topic Introduction. The research question I wish to answer is: Homelessness among the chronically mentally ill is a community problem in Bend as well as elsewhere in the United States: As a community, how can we address this problem?

I have chosen this topic partly as a result of my interest developed from my psychology professor last term. She mentioned in class that there are some chronically mentally ill schizophrenic people who live in Juniper Park. Additionally, I recently viewed a program on 60 Minutes which profiled a community in Geel, Belgium, that has a unique way to care for the mentally ill in their community. I was intrigued by the total community commitment and support of the mentally ill.

In Geel, Belgium, you never see someone sleeping on the street. I wanted to further investigate their system for caring for the mentally ill and see if their methods could be duplicated in other communities, such as in the United States. If some of the methods used in Geel, Belgium, could be used elsewhere, as in Bend, this might have significant implications for the services we can provide in Bend. I feel as a community, we have a responsibility to care for those who are unable to care for themselves.

I do not feel it is acceptable to have the chronically mentally ill living in our community parks or on the streets. I think some of our social problems are just accepted as part of living in a community and perhaps they are not addressed as they should be. In my research, I discovered a model program that was started in Long Beach, California, as a result of the frustration and dissatisfaction of family members of mentally ill, as well as professionals and business people who had an interest in improving the mental health system. As a result, the Village Integrated Service Agency in Long Beach, California, has received a growing amount of attention and commendation as a model mental health program. It incorporates a number of innovative approaches that may be valuable in effecting widespread system change.

It fits in with the courses I have studied and presents a very real problem in Bend that can be addressed in a research topic. Until I viewed the program that focused on Geel, Belgium, and their unique methods for providing for the mentally ill, I had not considered other community options for addressing the problem of homelessness of the mentally ill. It is a very effective method to view problems from other perspectives to arrive at real solutions that may be helpful and appropriate in our community in dealing with this social problem.

Research Question and Working Hypothesis. It is a problem that must be addressed as a community to have a working, caring system to provide for the mentally ill who are homeless. Research Strategy Description. In the US you see many homeless people. In Bend we have homelessness. My psychology professor stated there are probably five or six schizophrenic people living in Juniper Park. Our mental health system fails to care for the chronically mentally ill. Research Questions. Is our mental health system adequate?

What services are provided in Bend? Why are the chronically mentally ill homeless? What services are needed in Bend? There is a different approach for the care of the mentally ill in Geel, Belgium. You never see a person sleeping on the street there. They seem to have a successful way to care for the mentally ill. How do the people in Geel, Belgium care for the mentally ill? What accounts for the success of their methods? Would this model be transferable to other places, i.

If not, why not? The Village Integrated Service Agency in Long Beach, California, has received a growing amount of attention and commendation as a model mental health program. Mark Ragins, who is involved with the Village Integrated Service Agency, visited Geel, Belgium, and observed their system of care for the mentally ill in his process of gaining a worldwide perspective of psychiatric rehabilitation. What is the Village Integrated Service Agency? How did it get started and why? What is it doing differently and what is successful, not successful? Would this approach work elsewhere? In Bend? I used Ebsco Host database for a web search of key terms: mental health; mental illness; psychiatric rehabilitation, Geel, Belgium. I have also searched Google.

I asked the librarian at the COCC library for sources of information about services provided in Bend. She directed me to the appropriate website and the new Deschutes County Mental Health office located at NE Courtney in Bend to obtain information on what services are currently available in Bend. I visited the new office in Bend and obtained a pamphlet of information describing the services currently provided. I have requested two books through interlibrary loan, Introduction to Psychiatric Rehabilitation and The Role of the Family in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, which I hope will offer some valuable insight into how the family and community can integrate care for the mentally ill. Additionally, I have ordered a transcript of the 60 Minutes program concerning the unique care the community of Geel, Belgium, provides for the mentally ill.

Viewing this program provided me with a new awareness and heightened interest to investigate this topic further. Sources Consulted. Anthony, W. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 25 , 1. Journal Article. Baxter, E. Fallot, R. International Review of Psychiatry, 13 , Hubbuch, S. Writing Research Papers Across the Curriculum. Principles of Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

CareLink [accessed 12 Apr ]. Ragins, M. History and Overview of the Village. The Village Integrated Service Agency. Shern, D. American Journal of Public Health, 90 , Smith, G. Deschutes County Mental Health. Spaniol, L. The Role of the Family in Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Introduction to Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Introduction of Research Topic, projected value, and documentation style.

The topic that I have chosen to research this term is dreams. I have always been very interested in dreams, both my own and those of others, especially in connection with the psychological meaning they represent for the dreamer. A little over two years ago I suffered a tremendous loss when my best friend and two close friends were killed in a car accident. Less than eight months later a fourth very dear friend was similarly killed. In dealing with my loss I found one incredible distraction from the pain- dreaming. Immediately after the accidents I began to notice that my dreams had become more emotional and played a large role in my thoughts and mood for the next day.

When I woke up I felt like a different person, like the dream had washed away all of my depression. For the first time in months I was able to smile just by thinking about that dream. Baffled, I looked in a second dream analysis book. This one said that it meant things were going to change for. Lauderdale 2. With all the different theories and studies there are out there on sleep and dreaming, I decided that I would just go find the most accurate theory myself.

I have a lot to learn about dreaming, and have the desire to learn it. Using this topic as my research subject, I will be able to engulf myself in the incredible amount of information available to me. I believe that every individual can benefit from understanding their dreams, but knowing how to understand them is the first step. I intend for my project to be the stepping stone towards accurate understanding. The research topic of dreams and dream analysis is appropriate for Writing because it requires a college level understanding of theories, studies and research.

Readers must be able to figure out the semi complex concepts of brain activity and psychology. Also, very importantly, there are numerous sources to be found on the topic. However, it is mainly my desire to research dreams and theories of dream analysis that make the topic an appropriate choice. I have more than enough interest in the topic to take the project from start to finish. The documentation style I have chosen for my topic is the style commonly used by the American Psychological Association, or simply put, the APA form. I feel that this documentation style is appropriate for my topic choice because the main root behind the study of dreams is psychology.

Dreaming is a psychological science, and the studies. Lauderdale 3. Leading Research Question and Working Hypothesis. My leading research questions that I propose to pursue are: What are dreams? What are the main functions of dreams? Is dream analysis accurate? And what factors can interfere with accurate dream interpretation? My working hypothesis so far is that dreams are mental images that our brains produce while we sleep to help us better understand ourselves and our feelings.

Unfortunately, most forms of dream analysis are not accurate due to numerous factors that can be very influential on dream content, and are usually not taken into account while the dream is being interpreted. Research Strategy. Through my research I intend to find:. Lauderdale 4. So far I know that various critical thinkers and psychologists have conflicting theories of dream functions.

It is fairly widely agreed by sleep researchers that all people dream every night, with the rare exception of some substance abusers. I have reviewed a few different theories of dream types, such as lucid dreams, telepathic dreams, and nightmares. Most theories have to do with the long and short term memory storage function of our brains, and conditions which limit our abilities. I have collected many sources on dream analysis already, and am confident that I have many more to go.

I will look for the answers to my questions in many places. The COCC library so far has produced ten sources that I have deemed appropriate after my exploratory research. The internet site www. The search commands that I have used thus far have consisted of: psychology , dreams , dream analysis , and dream interpretation under the keyword search. I have already collected enough.

Lauderdale 5.

Call Illness Assignment Health Services during Illness Assignment open Illness Assignment to schedule an appointment. Links are made between symptoms and pathophysiological processes, Illness Assignment help explicate the reasoning for Illness Assignment at a diagnosis:. Lauderdale Illness Assignment. Wood S.

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