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Kill Bill Film Analysis

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Kill Bill's The Bride: A Feminist Hero?

I have analysed the teaser poster for Kill Bill Quentin Tarantino as shown by the image below. Click here to view the Kill Bill movie poster analysis as a document. The images in the poster include a suggests that murder and fighting is the drive of the narrative in the film- highlighting the action-thriller genre. Also, as it is a female hand gripped around the sword, it implies that she is the character who does the killing. There is also an image of a hand with lace around the wrist suggests that the protagonist of the film is a woman- and possibly a bride.

This implies that the audience is both men and women as it contains action which is usually associated with men but with a female protagonist which normally attracts women. There is Japanese writing down the front centre of the poster, leading to further connotations of the theme of samurai swords and martial arts. Therefore it suggests that the genre is action-thriller. The title of the film is on an image of a handkerchief. The white soft, material contrasts against the steel samurai sword, which adds a suggestion of irony to the narrative. The lace covered wrist and hand suggest that the main character is a woman, and possibly a bride. The sword and the Japanese writing imply that the film contains martial arts, and so the genre will partly be action.

While the title of the film and its red font that suggests murder and blood indicates that the film is also a thriller. The enigma created by the poster is: who is Bill? Why is she in a bride outfit? The main colours of the poster are yellow, black, white and red. The black and yellow colours together are quite harsh and sharp, and have hazardous connotations, implying the action-crime part of the genre. Therefore, the target audience appears to be for both males and females, but for those who enjoy thrillers and action and films containing violence.

The portrait layout of the poster heavily emphasizes the samurai sword, as it is in the centre in the forefront of the poster, with the hand wrapped around it and the handkerchief behind, and then the Japanese writing in the background. This emphasis of the sword suggests that violence and action are the main themes and genre of the film. The title of the film is in a red itallic, printed on the image of white cloth, which makes it stand out against the white and yellow. The red colour further emphasizes the murder theme of the film. This creates an ironic tone to the film, as it is a statement with pleasant connotations that is placed above a samurai sword which suggests death. This also suggests that the narrative contains a wedding with murder or violence.

Also, by having a bride as the main character, a female audience as well as a male audience is also attracted, as it is not often that a female is the protagonist of an martial arts-action-thriller film. As the poster is a teaser poster it has a small credit block. Next to this in a smaller size, the studio MiraMax logo is shown, letting the audience know who produced and distributed the film. Tarantino writes these scripts in the style of a Spaghetti Western, but the actual genre is action. Spaghetti Western refers to Italian directors that made Western movies; these movies were generally cheap and over-dramatized. Tarantino writes the Kill Bill movies as a partial homage to this sub-genre, and part to focus more on action; the way the films mimic a Spaghetti Western is a sort of allusion.

Precisely, it is more of an understood generalized allusion—not a reference to one movie, but to an entire sub-genre. As a result, hyperbole becomes a chief component of the films. Whenever we hear this theme throughout the picture, we'll quickly learn what accompanies it is The Bride goin Krakatoa all over whoever's ass happens to be in front of her at that moment. In this excerpt View Full Essay.

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